Kadam Education Initiative
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Some of the major interventions undertaken by Kadam are mentioned below: 

  1. Working with Children of displaced families

We at Kadam Education Initiative are focusing on working with children who are enduring various inequalities due to disparity in our society. The children of uprooted families, reluctantly fall prey to child labour and trafficking where they are abused mentally and physically. We work with the children and try to re-enrol them in schools or distance learning programmes or provide them with some skill based training which can help them to build their life.

  1. Education Centres: LitClubs

One of the most important forms of our Education Centres are LitClubs (supported by LitWorld USA),where children, especially girls are enabled by mentors to develop strengths to become mature, socially responsible and compassionate persons through expressing their own ‘stories’, learning to belong, relate and nurture friendships, and contribute to the community through well thought-out and planned collective actions.

  1. Kadam Resource Centre

Kadam Resource Centre is a hub for adolescent girls develop various educational, vocational and life-skill opportunities. The Centre is supported by many individual supporters and institutions like Asia Initiatives, USA, Association for India’s Development, USA.

  • Drop-out students are assisted to resume learning using various learning resources. We effectively use multiple training programmes to enable maximum use of online and offline educational resources for knowledge and skill building.
  • The Centre not only equips adolescent girls with various skills but also provide residential facilities and trauma counseling to deal with abuse, violence and constant humiliation.
  • The girls are provided systematic educational support based on a 100-days learning module comprising English language skills, computer skills, effective communication and exposure to educational, business, social development and government institutions.

The Kadam Resource Centre is safe space for educational and holistic development of adolescent girls.