About Us

Ahmedabad is emerging as one of the growth engines of the country, attracting investments, it also has its share of poverty and displacement, rendering a large number of children vulnerable. We see an increasing number of children of homeless families on the streets; a large number of children deprived of education and basic entitlement in the slums and colonies of the poor and displaced; eventually ending up as child labour working in hazardous conditions or victims of trafficking.

Kadam Education Initiative (KEI) reaches out to these disadvantaged children in Ahmedabad with active support from civil society. Established in 2007 by Ms. Meera Malek, a concerned citizen, KEI strives to meaningfully engage these children who are denied their childhood, create conditions wherein they could regain their childhood, help them secure education and develop as equal citizens of this country. In this effort KEI engages with civil society groups, government authorities and corporate groups (industry and business).

Story of Change

KEI believes that one of the strategies to address the issues of children is to focus on their right to education..... read more